$40 before June 18  

$45 on June 18

Sunday June 18th, 12-3pm

Talk on Authenticity and Grace
Sound Centering
Yoga Practice
Inspired Creativity
I want to stress to students that a "Master Class" doesn't mean that it is not physically accessible to all students. It is the content and approach that involves mastery. I also want to make it clear to all that they will be taken good care of and their limitations will be honored. Love, Dawn

Dawn is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Master Yoga Teacher, Dancer, and Medium who teaches from the Heart always. She moves from the sacred to the profane with ease and always has some laughter(and sometimes tears) to share with her classes. She has been teaching Yoga for the last 20 years and has founded MotherHeart Yoga Sangha in Philadelphia and published Rooted Magazine.