Past Teacher Training Testimonials:

“...This program fleshes out the yogic philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle, which will inspire and transform your life. Prepare to challenge yourself on multiple levels.”

“...I learned so much I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Whether you teach or not, it’s an amazing experience.”

“...was exactly what I have been seeking to deepen my practice.”

“ ...provided a safe and supportive space in which to grow in my personal yoga practice, test my limits, face and conquer fears, and get to know myself on a much deeper level.”

“...took me on an adventure into my very soul. I am proud of my hard work, the evolution of my body and the talent I can share.”
“... an amazing experience. It allowed me to deepen my asana practice and also taught me the 7 other parts to yoga.”
“...was worth every penny for what it added to my practice and to who I am.”
“... a welcome time of personal growth encompassing my mind, body and spirit. I will never forget this special time. It will live within me forever.”
“...will certainly help your inner teacher step into the light.”
“... like coming home to my body, unlearning or re-learning habits and finding the wisdom that’s been there all the while.”
“...desired to deepen my understanding and learning of the traditions, philosophy and asana....came away with this and more.”
“... my practice got stronger, I give myself the permission to feel what I feel and not try to push my feelings aside. I have also become more patient and less reactive.”
“... seriously transformed me. The fellowship was so special. The teachers are knowledgeable and their approach was heartfelt and right on point. I feel fully prepared to help others along the way through my knowledge and teaching ability.”
“...I was a caterpillar - the 10 weekends of training have been the chrysalis - now the butterfly as I am moving on in my journey.”