Nicole first discovered yoga in high school, attending weekly classes with her mom and sister. Her practice came and went as so often happens with the ebb and flow of life. She returned to the mat and became rooted again in a consistent practice, at which point the “shift” began. Her path led her to The Center from the referral of her dear friend and teacher, Kathleen Metzker. Nicole was drawn to complete the MBSR program that is offered at The Center and she was launched down the path of self discovery, acceptance and love.
A thirst for a deeper practice, a deeper connection to her true Self led her to her teacher Dawn MotherHeart Smelser.  With Dawn’s guidance and love she completed her 200 YTT at MotherHeart Yoga Sangha. In addition to being a 200 RYT, Nicole is also a Reiki Master Practitioner.
Believing in the interconnectedness of all beings, she feels called to share the practices and light that inspire her everyday. Community and how to best serve the community is what drives her to cast her fears aside and allow her heart to lead the way.


The roots of The Center can be traced back to an intention set during a yoga workshop in 2005. "After practicing for many years and experiencing how yoga helped me heal through major losses and surgery I realized that rather than returning to a psychotherapy practice, teaching Yoga would be the most holistic and powerful approach to helping others".  Laura Liss

Since 2006, we've grown to an abundant team of skillful instructors, competent office staff and hundreds of students.

Together we are a community of like-minded people practicing mindfulness, compassion and well-being.

Dear Ones,
This June it will be twelve years since I set an intention to share the powerful practice of yoga in a community setting of peace and connection. 
While The Center began at the end of 2005 as a big dream for me, the pieces seemed to fall easily into place. Perhaps my memory of how it was early on has softened the challenges ~ I do also remember the honest struggles of being the sole instructor and - with my social work background and yoga teacher training - having no idea how to run a business:) All of that, plus raising three terrific kids with my hard working and supportive husband who had a demanding career, taught me many life lessons on balance and priority.
Life was busy and full and still is! My mother passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2003 and I was diagnosed with breast cancer later that year. After losing my mom and being faced with my own mortality, I had a strong desire to make a mark in some way with my life. I realized returning to being a therapist no longer felt like the place I could do this ~ it was truly my yoga practice that healed me ~ and this is what I wanted to share with others.
Along the way, so many beautiful instructors and yoga practitioners became a part of this community and my desire to make a mark ~ was no longer simply emanating from me ~ it expanded to include all of our wishes for health and happiness for ourselves as well as our families, communities and ultimately mother earth and the world.
While my family faced many real struggles, as all of us do at one time or another, I rested in the support of my fellow teachers ~ it was always there - and for this I am truly grateful. My deep love and devotion of my family has always been my priority. My oldest daughter and son live in California and my youngest daughter will be attending UCLA in the Fall. My husband is retiring in a few days and the flow of life is moving us in the direction of heading west to be close to our family. Wherever we land, I hope to continue teaching Yoga and Mindfulness and will always be a student of these practices.
Once again, as the intention is now set to continue this now community-wide desire for health and happiness, and pass the torch to another strong leader, all has seamlessly fell into place. 
I'm filled with gratitude and a sense of contentedness that Nicole Kardine ~ a bright, enthusiastic and determined soul ~ will lead our yoga community to more greatness as of July 1, 2017. 
While Nicole will continue to offer the same classes, workshops and teacher trainings, I am so excited to see how the branches of this tree sprout and grow and to witness the blossoming of this next generation.
A deep bow of gratitude and appreciation for all of the beautiful experiences I've had with so many of you, all of the breaths and postures we've shared and for all the lessons I've learned here ~ these will always be with me.
Much Love, Laura