Beginner Level Classes: Holistic Healing Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Gentle Yoga with Nidra, Mindful Yoga, Synergy, Center Flow and Mindful Meditation (see descriptions below).

Synergy ~ Great for beginners through advanced levels! A potent blend of poses designed to work every system of the body. Alignment is emphasized, muscles are strengthened and toned, flexibility is increased and breathing and relaxation techniques are integrated throughout the class. The beauty of this practice is that its accessible and beneficial to all levels - beginners as they realign their posture and intermediate through advanced students as they deeply work poses. All levels.

Intermediate - Advanced Level Classes: All Flow Yoga classes including Astanga Flow, and Mindful Flow and Yoga Nidra. Center Flow, Synergy and Vin Yin can also be practiced at these levels (see descriptions below).

Flow and Astanga Flow ~ These classes begin with sun salutations to warm the body as movement is merged with the flow of breath. After the vinyasa (series of poses strung together) warm-up, the practice moves into strengthening poses, balance, core, hip openers, spinal twists and more. These practices use and build more upper body strength than synergy classes. Intermediate level.

*Synergy and Flow classes work well together when practiced alternately within the same week: After strengthening and working alignment in a Synergy class one is more equipped to practice in a Flow class which will then offer further strengthening and increased stamina. Mindful movement and the release of muscular tension in blocked areas such as the hips and shoulders are emphasized in both classes.

Astanga Flow ~ With features of the primary series of Astanga Yoga, celebrate your vibrant aliveness as you turn up the breath and move through some familiar poses with a new perspective. Start where you are and expect to learn some new poses too! Intermediate level.

Center Flow ~ A slowed down approach to the typical vinyasa flow class with a strong emphasis on precise alignment points in order to travel safely through sequences built for physical challenge and to ignite curiosity about our capabilities.  
Expect to learn, grow and have fun! 

Classical Yoga ~ Emphasizing the withdrawal of the senses in an effort to quiet the mind using one pointed focus on the breath, students are guided through pranayama exercises meant to deepen the awareness of the present moment. A balanced and mindful asana practice follows, moving with the breath as the guide, arriving in postures with an attitude of surrender. The asana practice has a balance between effort and relaxation, with slower movement and consistent breath awareness. This class is open to all levels of students. 

Gentle Yoga ~ Restore, relax and enliven with this light, yet thorough practice. Whether you're an experienced yogi wanting to find ease and opening in your practice or a beginner looking for a slow-pace, this class is for you. All levels.

Gentle Yoga with Nidra ~ Turn inward and turn on the relaxation response with a holistic approach to your yoga practice. This class includes gentle asana (physical movement and stretching) suitable for beginners, simple pranayama (breathing practice), guided relaxation including yoga Nidra. 

Holistic Healing Yoga ~ Unite mind, body, and spirit to restore yourself and counter daily stress. Class begins with Sun and Moon Salutations interspersed with short savasanas to awaken each bodily system and relax the the mind. It is followed by a series of therapeutic stretches, joint freeing movements, and asanas. A mixture of Vinyasa and Hatha, this class is designed for any yogini or yogi seeking a deeper personal practice. Come to your mat mindfully and follow your breath. Leave healed and whole. 

Mindful Yoga ~ This class begins with gentle poses to slowly release tension throughout the body and simple breathing and awareness exercises to cultivate an objective understanding of mind stuff. This practice is designed to help bring one closer to one's true self with an attitude of kindness and friendliness. Experience inner peace as you relax and explore a variety of meditation techniques. All levels.

Mindful Flow and Yoga Nidra ~ Class begins with vinyasa flow poses and breath to warm the body in order to embrace relaxation through the method of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra - is a practice of dynamic sleep during which you will be guided to relax consciously. This method offers the opportunity for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It may also help improve memory, increase awareness and inspire creativity through concentration.

Mindful Meditation ~ Strengthen your ability to handle challenging situations and the unpredictable nature of life. As we practice paying attention to the breath with a steadfast focus on the present moment you can move closer to your thoughts, emotions and body. Begin to experience what neuroscientists have discovered and what many yogis have known for years: A regular meditation practice actually changes the structures of the brain that deal with stress. No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

Vin Yin ~ Vin Yin combines a slow flow of alignment based postures linked with breath sequenced to build moderate heat within the body leading into grounded, deepening poses designed to release tension and deepen breath. This is a gentle, mindful based class offered with plenty of props. We will end with a short guided relaxation exercise. Vin flow- links the breath and stretching together in sequences of movements. Yin Yoga - Focused deep stretching and holding postures for longer periods of time to stretch connective tissue.