Flow ~  Movement is merged with the flow of breath. After the vinyasa (series of poses strung together) warm-up, the practice moves into strengthening poses, balance, core, hip openers, spinal twists and more. These practices use and build more upper body strength than synergy classes. Intermediate level.

Gentle Yoga ~ Restore, relax and enliven with this light, yet thorough practice. Whether you're an experienced yogi wanting to find ease and opening in your practice or a beginner looking for a slow-pace, this class is for you. All levels.

Yoga Mix ~ Enjoy this energetic mix of flow and foundational poses.  Building strength in mind , body and soul.  Beginning with mindful warm up, moving into a vinyasa based practice, warming the body and merging breath with movement. Incorporating poses for strength and stability.  Come to this class prepared to move, learn, have fun and relax the mind.

Mindful Vinyasa ~ Movement with Breath.  Focus on the connection between the breath and the body; and notice how the body moves using the breath. You will be challenged, but this is your practice – you will use breath and modifications to find where you need to be in each pose. Every day, every class, every breath is different. Be with where you are in this moment.  All levels.

Yoga with Jessi ~ Explore a gentle approach to modern vinyasa with emphasis on alignment and nuanced fundamental movements. Expect to move at your own pace guided by the length and quality of your own breath.

Mindful Yoga ~ This class begins with gentle poses to slowly release tension throughout the body and simple breathing and awareness exercises to cultivate an objective understanding of mind stuff. This practice is designed to help bring one closer to one's true self with an attitude of kindness and friendliness. Experience inner peace as you relax and explore a variety of meditation techniques. All levels.

Mindful Flow and Yoga Nidra ~ Class begins with vinyasa flow poses and breath to warm the body in order to embrace relaxation through the method of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra - is a practice of dynamic sleep during which you will be guided to relax consciously. This method offers the opportunity for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It may also help improve memory, increase awareness and inspire creativity through concentration.

Synergy ~  A potent blend of poses designed to work every system of the body. Alignment is emphasized, muscles are strengthened and toned, flexibility is increased and breathing and relaxation techniques are integrated throughout the class.  All levels.

Restorative Yoga ~ A restorative class to slow down from the fast paced, go go go realities, and focus on breathing. The space is dimly lit, inviting practitioners to close their eyes and settle into their bodies. Slow moving and held postures allow for the nervous system to relax and the body to receive the benefits from these yogic positions, asanas. Each class is a bit different. The class is intended for your self care, so you can spend quiet time with yourself in a space cultivated for checking in and recalibrating or restoring the heart, mind, and body. This class is appropriate for all levels.