Empowering the Empath

Saturday, November 10

12:00 - 5:00 pm

Do you feel like a sponge around other people? Do you find yourself not understanding why you are feeling other peoples' emotions, ailments and vibing their thoughts? Do many people feel comfortable sharing or oversharing with you? You may be an Empath! And this workshop may be for you. Forty percent of the population is born psychically empathic. It is the one psychic skill that we must learn to manage. The others can be shut down or sent away, not this one.

Join Angela Bixby, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Development Coach as she leads this workshop through a number of Psychic Development exercises. After working with 1000's of clients and coaching and teaching 100's in her practice -- her hallmark is Experiential Learning in practical and grounded ways. Angela has lived 50 years as an Empath and has deep experience from which to teach.

Through exercises, lecture, a message circle and some yoga -- you'll experience new ways to manage your psychic Empathy.

Investment: $120