Goddess Mini-Retreat

with Dr. Jane Elizabeth Thompson, Psy.D.

Saturday, March 30

3:30 pm - 5:30 PM

Women are goddesses and we want to be seen. The constant strain of being “unseen” and objectified often creates a competitive, comparative culture. This sends us the message that we are only “good enough” if we look and behave in ways that are dictated to us by society. 

In order to reverse this messaging, it has never been more important to be in community with one another. It is vital we support each other, break cycles, and learn from women across the lifespan. 

When we talk about the concept of “self-love,” there are many mixed messages. By looking at our authenticity, uniqueness, talents, and powers, we can understand ourselves more clearly. In addition, owning our perceived flaws and turning the tables on our “negative” qualities, will allow us to grow in unimaginable ways. 

The purpose of this workshop is to toot our own horns, acknowledge ourselves, and laugh…a lot. To be with other women and grow. To allow others to show how the world sees us, and not through the tainted glasses of our own criticism. To support one another in each other’s growth. To explore the lessons the goddesses have to teach us about the female collective conscious. 

Investment: $50