$30 for both sessions

Monday May 22nd & Monday June 26th, 5:45 – 7pm

Knitting and crocheting date back to the 5th century. Over 53 million people in America knit and crochet as reported by The Craft Yarn Counsel of America. Men included! Studies in Europe and the US have concluded that knitting & crocheting produce a sense of calm and relaxation through relaxing rhythms and repetition.

Please join us as we introduce a unique 2-week workshop that integrates the art of working with our hands along with artful meditations, providing a unique experience of tranquility through creativity and fiber. 

Please bring a knitting or crocheting project.

Sheri Von Urff, a resident of Chester County, is a knitter of 42 years and the founder of the non-for profit, Wool Power (www.woolpower.org). Her deep conviction that creativity enhances well-being, providing avenues for an integration of the mind and body along with facilitating relaxation, have been witnessed in her professional work in the fields of education, the arts and healthcare.