Judith Moser, MA, MSW, LSW

brings 25 years of agency experience in the field of mental health and mental illness to her private practice at the Center.  In addition to her social work training, she has completed trainings in gestalt, EMDR therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy and is now working toward certification in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy.  These methods are centered in clients’ “here and now” experience, using mindfulness and body awareness to promote healing and growth.

The practice of sitting meditation (zazen) has enriched Judith’s personal life and deepened her empathy with clients.  This helps her to create an environment of safety and trust where clients can best work toward healing and personal growth.  She welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Appointments can be made directly through Judith’s office phone: 610-518-2838



Jessica Honig, LCSW

is a psychotherapist in private practice with individuals, couples and families at The Center. Her treatment focus is anxiety relief. Her mindfulness based approach assists clients in maximizing the influence of the present moment and to more efficiently let go of stress that, when unattended, erodes our health and quality of life. Stress is part of the human experience, being overwhelmed by stress does not have to be. Her training includes graduate work in creativity and human development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and clinical social work at Smith College.

In addition, Jessica also enjoys mentoring new clinicians and offers low cost clinical supervision options for MSW’s and LPC’s.

Insurance options are available. Jessica can be reached at 610-290-3985