Mindfulness is the art of practicing presence in our lives in a non judgmental way.

From this place of greater awareness we develop the ability to respond in skillful ways  to the demands of life with less frustration and reactivity.


This 8 Week Course includes guided mindfulness practices, yoga asana, group dialogue,  opportunities for

self inquiry, a CD and materials to support the practice, a one day silent retreat on the 6th week and

various ways to explore how mindfulness can enhance our lives overall.


This MBSR course will invite you to: 

~ Pay attention to experiences with kindness and compassion

~ Learn to respond to undesirable circumstances with patience

~ Cultivate an awareness of the relationship between the mind and body

~ Promote a healing and empowering experience of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self

~ Practice living in the moments of your life rather than caught up in the worries of the future and thoughts of the past.


Research reveals that participants of the MBSR program report improvements in the following areas:

ability to deal with stress and pain, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, self esteem, energy and enthusiasm.