An Introduction to Mindfulness 

Saturday, September 29
1:00 - 3:30 

Please join us to learn or revisit the fundamentals of Mindfulness (Vipasana) Meditation. You can expect a brief talk and the opportunity to learn several methods for practicing this fundamental meditation: sitting meditation, body scan, mindful movement and walking meditation will be explored. This afternoon is open to new and experienced practitioners.

Investment: $30

Mindfulness and the Five Hindrances 

Saturday, October 13
1:00 - 4:00

Mindfulness (Vipasana) Meditation explores the qualities of mind that challenge our ability to maintain presence and concentration. In this workshop we will review and explore in practice how these qualities of mind show up on and off the cushion. Learning to become familiar with these mind states deeps our understanding of our own complexities and welcomes compassion and openness to the limitless possibilities of our inner and outer worlds.  There will be time for instruction, plenty of practice and some reflection. Please bring a pillow, blanket and journal.

Investment: $35

Mind Body Medicine For Alleviating Stress and Settling Into Ease and Acceptance

Saturday, November 17
12:30 - 3:30

Felling stressed, tired and need a break? You’re not alone! Please join us for and exploration in to the various effective and practical Mind Body techniques for managing and healing from stress. From this workshop you will better understand the sort and long term effects of stress as well as the valuable impact these techniques can have on the health of our minds and bodies. You will have the opportunity to steep in relaxation practice as well as develop in tot moment tools for caring for you self day to day. No experience needed.

Please bring a blanket, pillow and journal.

Investment: $35

A Day of Mindfulness Retreat 

Saturday, December 15
10:30 - 3:00

Take time for the long pause. This retreat is intended to provide an opportunity for you to take time to turn inward. We are all too often consumed with the business of the outer world. In this day we will pause to observe our inner world of breath, body and even the ever curious “mind stuff”. There will be a brief talk and opportunity to practice the skills and techniques of mindful meditation (Vipassana). Most of the day will be in silent practice with guidance from the instructor. Please bring a lunch for yourself, a journal, and a pillow and blanket if you wish.

This retreat is open to new and experienced practitioners.

Investment: $50

First Half Only: $30

Please contact Kathleen directly with questions: