Since starting Laura’s class a few months ago, the couple of weeks I’ve had to miss are painful reminders of how much I get out of it. When I practice regularly, my lower back pain virtually disappears and my shoulders and neck stay open throughout the entire work week. I am able to maintain productivity during the day and feel well and balanced enough at the end of the day to make the most of my evenings. Yoga has become a key ingredient in making the most of my time and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Laura is an excellent and caring instructor and the welcoming atmosphere made starting yoga an enjoyable experience. ~ Najati I.

I am a busy working mother and I’ve been searching for a way to exercise and calm my mind. My experience at The Center has brought this together for me. The classes are mentally and physically challenging while at the same time leaving me invigorated and renewed. The instructors at The Center are very caring and knowledgeable and make me feel very comfortable. The combination of competent, professional instructors and a beautiful, clean environment serve to make my experiences at The Center like a mini vacation. ~ Janine R.

I have been practicing yoga for about a year now. For the first 6 months, I was going about once a week and I really loved it! After that, I found myself wanting to go more often and started taking 3-4 classes a week. It was at that time that I began to really see the benefits – mentally and physically. My legs, upper body, core and spirit became incredibly strong. I am now officially “addicted!” Practicing yoga makes me feel empowered.~ Michele T.

The Center has been just what I need. I have been under a lot of stress and they have not only welcomed me with loving arms but Laura and all of the instructors have taught me how to pause, relax and breathe which has been a wonderful stress reducer. The whole staff is very caring and attentive. They strive for safety and focus in each practice. ~ Amy P

…try and grasp the infinite gratitude I have for you and your studio and the teachers and the center. ~ Love, George

I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference the classes that I have taken at The Center have made in my life. I have so much more energy now than when I started in January. As you know, I have a chronic inflammatory disease and one of the most positive things about yoga is that I can work at whatever level my body is able and I don’t have to feel that I have to “keep up” with anyone else. Also, since I have been following through on my personal commitment to come to three classes a week, I feel a tremendous difference in my strength level. This spring was the first time ever that I didn’t have a significant amount of back pain from too much gardening and yard work. It was amazing not to feel the normal pain and I attribute it totally to the three days a week of yoga. ~ Susan D.

The Center is a wonderful place of spiritual pursuits that further developed my yoga practice and connected me with great people in the Downingtown area. The teachers catered to my needs which I feel is very important for students on the yogic path. ~ Matthew S.

When I first started yoga classes at The Center I had an imbalance in my life I couldn’t put my finger on. Not only was the imbalance physical but mental, too. I started taking Laura’s classes and after the first one I felt an opening up of my mind, spirit and body. I felt such a release of stress that I couldn’t wait to go again. The classes are challenging if you are a beginner like me and will leave you sore but Laura is always nearby with personal attention. The accomplishment I feel after a class is huge and the euphoria will last you all day. The Center has helped me regain the balance, calm and focus in my life. ~ Jennifer M.

I have had nothing but a great experience at The Center. The personal assistance is wonderful. I am just a beginner in my yoga practice. I have found this to be just what I needed to get back into exercising again. Love it!! Recommend it!! ~ R. H.

I thought Yoga would be difficult, but I found this to be a great mental and physical relaxation technique. Everyone should try it!!!!! The Center is so relaxing from the moment you walk through the doors. ~ Suzi P.

The Center is a lovely spot – Laura’s Stationary Series class is a complete practice from its first breath, through strength postures, the balance poses (which are my challenge), to the final relaxation which feels like dessert with a cool, silken herbal eye pillow and her gentle adjustment. I especially appreciate her attention to body alignment and posture. Tea time after practice is a bonus. I always feel comfortable – her desire is truly to help with having a good practice – heart, mind and soul. Her parting words always, “Namaste” – the goodness in me recognizes the goodness in you! ~ Zoe B.

I want you to know I speak from the heart when I say…. I was spiraling into depression after leaving VA and my practice at the incredible Yoga center in Herndon. I was convinced there was nothing like it in Chester County – but I was wrong. With your whole heart and soul, you have created a haven of cleanliness and beauty dedicated to serving the student and the principles. You also have a unique talent with your gentle yet firm approach as a teacher and you share it with great generosity and compassion. The Center will thrive under your guidance and nurturing spirit. We are thrilled to be charter members! ~ Diana B.

I started taking the Stationary Series class with Laura in order to improve my Ashtanga practice. The Stationary Series is a wonderful, gentle, controlled practice in which position is stressed in order to maximize the benefits of each asana. Under Laura’s guidance, I have improved my form, and therefore increased the physical and mental benefits that go with each position. Practicing with Laura is a fun experience because she is an encouraging, knowledgeable, and compassionate teacher. She helps you see different ways of exploring a pose to help your body and your mind move forward in practice, as well as in life. Laura’s yoga sessions have had a great influence in my life, both physically and most importantly, mentally. Of course, as I had hoped, my Ashtanga practice has improved and now I gain even more benefits from that tradition as well. My life is fuller and richer since I started practicing with Laura. ~ Annette M.

My daughter has really benefited from taking yoga this year. Yoga is a perfect activity for kids – it has helped her gain flexibility and muscle tone, as well as to relax and focus. Laura has a great way of making the class fun for kids while teaching basic yoga positions and terms. The rest of our family also really enjoyed the Family Workshop. ~ Jennifer T.