a journey to self through astrology, herbs, elements and ritual


When the ancients observed the ever turning wheel of stars in the sky, they sensed subtle links with the seasons, the elements, the cycles of growing plants and even the human body. Advanced cultures around the world documented and utilized these observations and viewed them as valuable gifts of understanding for the health of the land and its inhabitants. This series will explore the starry realm through its influences and expressions throughout the zodiacal year and the natal chart. A new planet personality with be discussed each month as well as the energies, plants and body systems associated with it. This course is not intended as a specific herbal medicine/health primer nor an in-depth personal astrological reading. Instead, this course was designed to inspire exploration/discussion of ancient knowledge and mysteries and to re-member our deep connection to the earth, the skies, our own physical health and spiritual wholeness through observation, appreciation and ritual.

Each participant will receive:

*A copy of their own personal natal chart to discuss in class and understand the elemental energies present and the importance of our personal sun, moon and ascendant.
*A full size spiral ring notebook along with abundant monthly handouts and an appropriate hands-on craft created at each class to further deepen and enhance the monthly lesson.

Meeting one Saturday afternoon per month from 12-3 pm for a full astrological year!
DATES: Beginning March 3, April 7, May 5, June 9, July 7, August 11, Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 1, Jan 12 2019, Feb 9 2019

Full tuition and payment plans available
Due to the personal sharing, individual chart viewing and group discussion involved, class size will be limited.

about susan…

Susan Hess is a 1996 graduate of the prestigious Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine‘s 2-year Herbal Practitioner’s Program in Washington, NJ. (Currently called David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies) She has also completed the school’s 1-year Graduate level practitioner program and studied extensively with director and ethnobotanist, David Winston AHG (Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild)
Susan has used her skills and training in the natural food industry and as a sales associate for Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc. of Washington, NJ. Susan is qualified to consult with practitioners, retail stores and private individuals on the proper uses of medicinal herbal products. In 2000, Susan completed a clinical training at the Wellsprings Centre for Natural Healing in Fairfield, Connecticut with noted herbalists, Donald Yance, MH, CN, AHG (author of best-selling” Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer”) and Chanchal Cabrera, MINMH, AHG. She has also completed one year of apprentice studies with Jennifer Tucker, a well-known herbalist and author from Spring Mills, PA.

After hosting two successful 6-month series of weekends at her farm with Minnesota herbalist and author, Matthew Wood in 2001-2002, Susan continued to expand the schedule of highly acclaimed visiting teachers to include David Winston, Phyllis Light, Robin Rose Bennett and the late William LeSassier. Each teacher offers his or her own unique perspective on herbalism, inspiring each student to discover their own healing path into the world of wild and cultivated plants.
From 1997 until 2017, Susan was the proprietress of Farm at Coventry, located in Chester County, PA, spending twenty years handcrafting a fine collection of herbal products as well as educating and inspiring others to cultivate and wildcraft beneficial herbs.

Recently relocated to the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, in the Mays Landing area, Susan continues to teach her own informative 12 month foundation course entitled “Homestead Herbalism”, in both PA and NJ. She enjoys speaking to groups and schools locally on a wide range of herbal topics. She is pleased to be able to create an environment that serves to combine community, education and our native medicinal plants.
Susan thoroughly enjoys growing medicinal and culinary herbs in her teaching gardens, as well as wandering the wilds, discovering native beneficial plants and trees. She is fully committed to practicing growing and harvesting methods that protect and replenish the earth and the plants. In her spare time, Susan enjoys researching and studying various traditional healing modalities, stargazing, writing, photography, cheesemaking and playing with herbs on a daily basis.