Sit In Your Center:

A Woman's Retreat in Meditation,

Movement and Intention based in Aloha


with ​Kate Brenton, Polynesian Lomilomi Practitioner, Ed.M.,

Inspired Educator, and writer of the unspoken


Saturday ~ April 14, 2018

12:30 - 4:30 

An invitation to one’s entirety - free from expectation -  away from that which leaves us smushed and shushed. 

Through guided meditation, potentized intentions, and gentle movement,

we un-pack our stories, making space for silent knowing.

When you know your own voice, you can hear what is being said.

"Empowering, Transformative, and Reflective."
"Grace, Acceptance, and Joy."
"Enlightening, Sacred, and Unifying."

Investment: $55


"Kate's Sit in Your Center series helped me to pause, connect with my intuition and begin to inhabit my feminine body. Her presence, insight and wisdom often leave me in awe and always help me to find new ways of connecting with myself." - MP. Philadelphia, PA

"As women no matter what age or position in life, we need to honor who we are and where we are. Kate's workshop reminds us of the importance of doing just that."- L.M., Yadley, PA

“I've never had such a feeling of unity with a group of complete strangers. There were moments when I felt like Kate could read my mind and feel the emotions that were coming up for me. This experience was so powerful for me. Even now I'm still digesting and contemplating and putting into practice all that I gained.” Jill F., Philadelphia, PA

 "I wish every women I know could attend a course like that."  -B. S. Philadelphia, PA

​Kate Brenton, Polynesian Lomilomi Practitioner, Ed.M., Inspired Educator, and writer of the unspoken, lives bi-coastally, sharing an aloha based perspective on living in balance: one-on-one and in workshop / retreat formats. A former East Coast public educator and corporate trainer who walked into a different world and stayed there, she now carries forward the cultural mindset of Pā Ola Hawaiʻi -  to enjoy the moment at hand - as a  practitioner + curious student of life's constant instruction.